You will find that our area's utilities are extremely affordable! A recent independent study found that the average monthly residential electric expense in Independence County is 3.67% lower than the US average monthly residential bill. Here is some helpful information to help you find the right utility service for you:


Water Service

·Batesville            500E. Main St.                870-698-2415       

·Pfeiffer                500 E. Main St.               870-698-2415        

·Rockmore          6920 Harrison St.           870-799-2023        

·Bethesda            6465 Bethesda Ln.           870-793-7887        

Electric Service

·Entergy                                                          800-368-3749

Natural Gas Service

·Centerpoint Entergy                                   800-992-7552     

Propane Gas Service

·Hurley Gas             2105 N. St. Louis St.     870-793-5904

·Reeves Propane    2842 Batesville Blvd.    870-251-3111